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About zfrica

Zfrica is a Nigerian agency that provides professional solutions to help businesses thrive and grow. With expertise in visual solutions, printing technology, Manufacturing (NOVA Frames) and business strategy, Zfrica is equipped to assist businesses of all sizes in achieving their goals.

At, we specialize in delivering impactful digital services, including Graphics and Web designs, Videos and Animations, Printing Services, Business Registration & Consultancy, and lots more.

Our commitment goes beyond offering effective solutions tailored to your needs. We harness the power of digital technology to streamline your experience, enabling hassle-free online orders and significantly reducing the need for physical presence stress, on our clients.

Zfrica operates under the license of ZFRICA DIGITAL which is a registered digital tech company in Nigeria with CAC No: 3479710.

Our professional and yet affordable services have immensely helped businesses within and beyond the shores of Nigeria to grow bigger and stronger

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how we started


zfrica was founded in October 2019 by a team of highly skilled multi-talented graduates. We first started as a freelancing company operating under the name FREEDESIGNA, with our services strictly on graphics designs and photo editing.

With unrelenting effort towards expansion by the founding team, the company speedily grew above just a graphics and photo editing service provider to a digital tech company, providing immense solutions to business needs in the present-day business environment

We now offer a variety of international standard services, ranging from Graphics and Web designs, Videos and Animations, Printing Services, Business Consultancy, and lots more.

The New Name

The rapid expansion, in October 2021, necessitated some rebranding and consequently birthed our present name zfrica. Yes, Zfrica not z-africa


Our Mission & Vision Statement

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To help businesses grow by providing professional yet affordable solutions to their everyday digital needs.

our vision background


To become an unrivaled plug for the digital needs of every business across the globe

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Meet our Team

eric kana

Kana Eric

A result-oriented strategist with a high taste for excellence.

nwokoji Udonna

Nwokoji Udonna

Head of Designs, Programming & Communications
A multi-talented tech geek with trailblazing prowess for company growth and expansion

mfon ekam marketer

Mfon Ekam

Head of Marketing
A seasoned digital marketer with versatile knowledge in entrepreneurship

aker desmond business consultant

Aker Desmond

Head, Consultancy
A pioneering spirited business consultant with exceptional problem-solving abilities

ugwu Oluchi customer service

Ugwu Oluchi

Customer Service Rep
A positive-minded professional with an empathetic attitude toward clients at all times.

William Nnamdi content manager

William Nnamdi

Content Manager
A top-rated content writer with effectual content management skills

Joshua ebighiebi

Barr. Joshua Ebighiebi

Legal Advisor
A thorough and responsible legal counsel, always guaranteeing that the company strictly follows law guidelines.