Are customers always right

Yes, Customers are always right, but NEVER allow your business to entertain or tolerate a difficult and toxic client. It’s detrimental to any business.Read More →


The correct spelling is zfrica and not zafrica. Most persons mispell or misponounce our brand name. The common mistakes made by  most of our esteemed clients makes about our name include  zafrica, z africa, z-frica, z frica.Read More →

Bovi Wants to sell his last son

Nigerian comedian, actor and event MC, Bovi wants to sell his last son, following his destructive attitude at home. Bovi revealed that his son has broken their television for the third timeRead More →

All about Nigeria e naira

Nigeria’s digital currency called the Nigeria e-Naira (e naira) would be launched by 1st Oct 2021. People are asking, what is the e-Naira (e naira)? Is the e-Naira (e naira)Read More →