The correct name is zfrica and not z africa. Find out…

Why the name zfrica

Most of our inquisitive clients always want to know how the name came about. They often want to know,

  • — what does zfrica mean?
  • — is the name a mere coincidence ?
  • — does it connote some essential meaning ?
  • — what relationship has the name with africa ?


Well, for the moment, zfrica does not have any lexical meaning, that is, it doesn’t have a meaning traceable to the present day dictionary. However, the name connotes and captures: what it offers, her generational time and geographical origin.

What it offers.

zfrica a - z
zfrica offers a-z digital services

Zfrica offers a vast range of digital services, ranging from graphics and web designs to UI/UX etc. This is captured in her name using its first and last letters “z & a” or better “a to z”. This signifies that we offer or intend to offer all the digital services anyone can think of, from a-z.

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Her Generational time.

zfricA generation
zfrica is a Gen Z project.

Using her first letter z as her logo representation, shades a lot of light that zfrica is a Generation Z project. (Gen Z) project. The Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries describes Gen Z as “the group of people who were born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s”. They are characterized by high level of tech knowledge and break out in the internet world. Zfrica is a project that identifies a lot with this age bracket.

But one may argue, from about us, zfrica did not start operations as of 1997 – 2012.

To clarify this, it’s worthy of note that “zfrica founders” were the pioneers of that age bracket. Well, if one insists that we cannot retrospect our name to feature in an olden generation. Then zfrica is still covered as our last letter “a” puts us in the more accurate generational perspective, that is Gen Alpha.


Generation Alpha (or Gen Alpha for short) is the demographic cohort succeeding Generation Z. Generation Alpha includes those born from 2010 onwards and who have therefore grown up in a fully digital world. In any case, our first and last letters speak a lot about our generational time.

Her Geographical origin

zfrica logo africa
zfrica has an African origin

This may be the easiest to deduct from the name. Zfrica has an African origin, as her founders come from Nigeria. It chose to elaborate and celebrate her origin in her name.


Pronouncing the name zfrica

Ok, Though our name is striking, it looks a bit strange, but to pronounce it is not difficult. To pronounce it, start as though you want to pronounce the word “ZIP”, then join it with “FRICA”. (the same way it’s pronounced in africa). Hence, you have zfrica.

Mistakes made on the name.

The correct spelling is zfrica and not zafrica. Most persons misspell or mispronounce our brand name. The common mistakes made by most of our esteemed clients about our name include misspelling or mispronouncing the name as follows zafrica, z africa, z-frica, z frica.

Let us see what is wrong in these mistakes.

1. Zafrica

This appears to be the most common one, especially when it comes to pronunciation. The mistake here is the addition of the letter  “a” between “z & f”, resulting to zafrica. That’s wrong, the correct name is zfrica not zafrica.

2. Z africa

The mistake here is wrongly converting the name to two words “z” & “africa”. But in our name zfrica, the complete word “africa” is not found anywhere, neither is our name a two-worded. The correct name is the one word zfrica not z africa.

3. z-africa

The mistake here is almost similar to the previous one. In this case, a hyphen has been wrongly used to differentiate the two words.  That is wrong as the complete word “africa” is not found in our name, neither is our name a two-worded which demands a hyphen. The correct name is the one word zfrica not z-africa.

4. Z frica and z-frica

Ok, These are close to being correct except for one mistake. The mistake is trying to separate our name to become two words. The first is separated with an empty space, while the other is separated with a hyphen. Both are wrong as our name is a single word “zfrica” without space anywhere.

zfricA HELPS businesses grow
zfrica helps businesses grow

Zfrica Vision

To become an unrivaled plug for the digital needs of every business across the globe


Zfrica Mission

To help businesses grow by providing professional yet affordable solutions to their everyday digital needs.

In any case, the correct name is zfrica not zafrica. You can find out more about us  as we appreciate your time.







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