Requirements and how to get a Nigerian Passport
Acquiring a Nigerian passport is a vital step for citizens needing to travel internationally. This passport serves as an official document affirming your Nigerian citizenship and identity. This guide, outlines the essential steps and requirements to “get a Nigerian Passport”.

Whether you’re applying for the first time or renewing your passport, this article is your comprehensive resource you need. We’ll navigate through the application process, document preparation, submission guidelines and cost, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the procedure. The same we explained how to open a corporate account in Nigeria

Types of Nigerian Passports

When considering how to get a Nigerian passport, it’s essential to understand the different types available. The Nigerian Immigration Service issues primarily three types of passports: the Standard Passport, the Official Passport, and the Seaman’s Passport.
Each type of passport serves different purposes and has specific application procedures. Understanding which passport suits your needs is a crucial first step in the application process.

  1. Standard Passport: This is the regular passport issued to Nigerian citizens for international travel. It’s recognized worldwide and is necessary for personal or business trips abroad.
  2. Official Passport: This type is issued to government officials traveling for official duties. It distinguishes its holders as representing the Nigerian government and requires specific eligibility criteria.
  3. Seaman’s Passport: Designed for citizens working in the international shipping industry, the Seaman’s Passport facilitates the movement of Nigerian seamen globally. It’s a specialized document that adheres to international maritime conventions.

General Procedures for Passport Application

When applying for a Nigerian Passport, the first step involves visiting the Nigeria Immigration Service’s official website. The process is comprehensive, ensuring applicants provide accurate information and follow the outlined steps meticulously.

  1. Choosing the Passport Type: Applicants must select the appropriate passport type. The website offers various options, including standard, official, and other specialized passports.
  2. Online Application Form: This is a crucial part of the process. Applicants are required to fill out the online form with precise details. It covers personal information, bio-data, and travel history. Accuracy in filling out this form is essential.
  3. Generating Application ID and Reference Number: Upon submitting the online form, an Application ID and Reference Number are generated. These are vital for tracking the application’s progress and for future reference.
  4. Photograph Upload: A recent passport-sized photograph must be uploaded. This photograph should meet the specified guidelines provided on the website to avoid rejection.
  5. Document Preparation: Applicants need to prepare necessary documents that will be required for the application. These include identification documents and any other relevant paperwork as specified on the website.
  6. Submission and Tracking: After completing the application and uploading the photograph, applicants can submit their forms online. The Application ID and Reference Number enable applicants to track the status of their application at any stage.

Payment Process

  1. Select Passport Type and Service: Begin by choosing the specific type of Nigerian Passport you require (Standard, Official, etc.) and the desired service level (Standard Processing, Expedited, etc.) on the official Nigeria Immigration Service website.
  2. Payment Display: After selection, the website will display the total payment amount required for the chosen passport type and service.
  3. Making the Payment: Proceed with the payment by using a credit or debit card. It’s crucial to ensure that the card has sufficient funds and is authorized for online transactions.
  4. Generating the Validation Number: Upon successful payment, a Validation Number is automatically generated. This number is vital for confirming your payment and is a mandatory part of your passport application.
  5. Record Keeping: It is advisable to keep a detailed record of your payment transaction. This includes the Validation Number, date of payment, amount paid, and transaction references.
  6. Use of Validation Number: This number will be required during your scheduled interview appointment. It acts as proof of payment and is essential for the continuation of your passport application process.

Interview and Documentation

After successfully navigating the online application and payment, you will be required to attend an interview at your selected Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) office. This interview is a compulsory requirements on “How to Get a Nigerian Passport” process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect and prepare:

General Documents required for interview:

Standard Passport

  1. Local Government letter of identification.
  2. Birth certificate / age declaration.
  3. 2 recent colour passport photographs
  4. Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
  5. Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
  6. Marriage certificate where applicable
  7. Police report in case of lost passport

Official Passport

  1. Letter of introduction from appropriate State Government, Federal Government Ministry / Organization.
  2. Marriage certificate where applicable
  3. Police report in case of lost passport
  4. Letter of appointment / last promotion.

Seaman Passport

  1. Local Government letter of identification
  2. Birth certificate / age declaration
  3. 2 recent colour passport photographs

Cost and Fee Requirements to get Nigerian Passport

The Following Tables list Passport Application Fees by Age and Booklet type.

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Booklet Type AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
32 Pages ₦8,750 ₦15,000 ₦8,750
64 Pages ₦20,000 ₦20,000 ₦20,000


Special Cases

When dealing with special cases in the process of getting a Nigerian Passport, applicants must follow distinct procedures. For those who have lost, had stolen, or damaged their passport, the Nigeria Immigration Service requires a specific approach. Firstly, the applicant must provide a police report and an affidavit, ensuring legal documentation of the incident. Additionally, for changes in personal data due to marital status changes, such as a name change, relevant marriage or divorce certificates must be presented. This process ensures the accuracy and security of personal information in the passport database.

Applying for a Nigerian Passport from Outside Nigeria

For Nigerians residing abroad, obtaining a passport involves a specific process. Initially, applicants should visit the official website of the Nigeria Immigration Service and select the ‘Passport’ option. Here, one must choose the ‘Standard e-Passport’ for citizens in diaspora. The application form requires accurate personal details, after which the system generates a Reference ID and an Application ID. Payment for the passport must be made online in US dollars. Upon successful payment, applicants receive a ‘Guarantor’s Form’ to be completed by a referee.

The interview and biometric data capture stages are crucial. Applicants must schedule an appointment at the nearest Nigerian embassy or consulate. It’s imperative to bring the completed application form, payment evidence, and other required documents, such as birth certificates, to the interview. These documents are verified to ensure authenticity.

This procedure ensures that Nigerians abroad can efficiently obtain their passports, adhering to the same standards of verification and security as in Nigeria. Remember, each embassy may have additional specific requirements to “get the Nigerian Passport” so it’s advisable to contact them directly for any unique stipulations.


By following the outlined steps and adhering to the guidelines set by the Nigeria Immigration Service, applicants can navigate the process with ease. Remember, it’s essential to ensure all documents are accurate and to complete each step carefully. Whether applying within Nigeria or from abroad, the key is compliance with official procedures.



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