Reasons Why you should start a buisness

In this post, I’ll be detailing a few reasons why you should start a business. Starting up any business is certainly one of the hardest things to do, self-made entrepreneurs will tell you more.

Entrepreneurship is stressful, but when successfully built, its gains outweigh the pains of the hustle.

There are many reasons why one may seek to start a business, reasons ranging from an extra income source to a passion for something. Let’s explore some of the reasons.

Note: There are no right or wrong reasons for starting a business and for whichever reason you start, hard work will always guarantee results. As an addon, we curated 8 Profitable Businesses for stay at home Moms

1. More Money

Having more money is one big reason that many people start businesses. Although, money isn’t everything, and therefore isn’t usually the main reason, a lot of successful businesses, with a lot of hard work put in, could earn you lots of money.

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2. Independence

I think this should even come first. Another reason why people usually start a business is independence. Nobody enjoys having a boss who determines a part of their life and time, and who they’ll have to wait on periodically for salaries.

We all want to be the ones calling the shots in our lives, and this is where entrepreneurship comes in. Every entrepreneur is independent and in most cases even has people that are dependent on him, if he has employees. Freedom breeds independence, and consequently self-reliance.

3. Doing something you care about

Most of the jobs we do are in no relation to what we actually have passion for. We just do it because of the paycheck or so we are not just sitting doing nothing. But what entrepreneurship does is this, it gives you the expression to do something you really care about and have passion for.

Zig Ziglar wrote, ‘I’ve seen women give birth to men and women, but I haven’t seen any woman give birth to an entrepreneur.’

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. They learn how to become businesspeople. You can be one, even starting small with any of these small businesses to start with 20K in Nigeria.

As a startup, I must tell you, every business seems hard and unscalable, but sheer dedication, perseverance, and hard work can turn around results.

Now you have seen some reasons to start that business, take the risk, it could change your life. You may also be interested in these 3 sure ways to make money on Facebook.

Written by Mfon Ekam
Mfon Ekam is a seasoned digital marketer with years of experience in entrepreneurship, education and banking.

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