make your customers to always come back

In this post, we will highlight 12 ways to make your customers always come back.

Have you ever bought something from a shop and left with a fulfilled smile on your face? Your fulfilment and smile could be as a result of the warm treatment you received from the shop or because of the discount price they offered you.

Whatever be the case, because they made you feel fulfilled and happy, you will always want to go back another day. Offering a discount and displaying a warm attitude to customers is just two of the ways to make your customers always come back.

Let’s see more ways

1. Be very friendly and warm to your customers

Let your customers know that you care for them, be friendly to them, be concerned about their complaints and preferences. This does the magic in their hearts. They will always want you or no other

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2. Give a Discount or Giveaway

No matter how small, people just love winning things. Let your customer know that he/she has won some little discount for always patronizing you. You can even offer a little incentive for anybody who buys from you. Even a #10 candy (sweet, chewing gum, sachet water) can do the magic

3. Keep to your Promises

In business if you won’t keep to your promises, please don’t make them. People feel bad if you fail to deliver what you say. It’s one of the requirements for business success as shared by Obi Cubana.

4. Go an Extra Mile

Take a step ahead of what your competitors do. Just find something to stay ahead.. You can afford to call your clients from time to time, or send them a message or offer to help them in carrying their purchases inside their vehicle.

5. Say Thank You

After each patronage, please don’t forget to say thank you and mean it. Let your mouth say it, let your body language also say it. Customers have a way to know when your thank you is genuine. That’s refreshing to them and can always bring them back.

6. Know and Address them by their name

It may be difficult to know all your customer’s names, but to the extent, you can afford to it, please do so. And when you have known the name, address the customer by that name. You can attach Mr, Mrs, Miss, Mummy to the name as the case may be. Addressing someone by his/her name gives him some sense of respect and honour

7. Be professional

While you want to be cordial and friendly, please be smart and professional in dealing with people. You are according respect to your business by doing so and everyone loves anything that commands real respect.

8. Be Available to Talk

Whether through social media, phone calls, SMS. Be open to communication with your customers. You are winning their hearts when they know you will always be there to attend to their needs. Some customers can be very annoying sometimes, but force yourself to flow with them. Sometimes, it’s the annoying customers that have the stringer purchasing power

9. Be Presentable

Let your appearance suggest that you are a reasonable and responsible human being. Let your workplace, shop, online shop look welcoming. For online shops, you can get some cheap graphics design to spice it up Not everyone really cares about this, but a good number of customers would shun an unattractive seller/selling point.

10. Apologize Frequently

Never form the habit of arguing with your customer, even if he/she is wrong. If you are wrong, admit it and apologize genuinely. If the customer was wrong, don’t make him look stupidly wrong. You can take some of his/her blames sometimes. Your aim is to make them come back, not to prove you are Mr right.

11. Ask for their FeedBack and work on it

Always try to let your customers tell you how they feel about your business. Let them tell you what they want. And find a way to affect what they say.

12. Politely tell your customers to refer their friends

A referral is one of the best ways to get more cients. Politely tell your existing customers to refer your business to their friends. And when you get a new customer, keep him/her secured by following steps 1-11. Then use step 12 to get more and more again and again.







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