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In this post we highlighted 3 reason why social media advertisement fail, these include, Ad sales cost is not competitive enough, timing etc.

If you have ever run or managed a business, chances are that in one way or the other you have run a social media advertisement. (Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc.)

Perhaps your ad performed well, or it turned out to be a waste of money. If it failed, don’t worry, at least, your case is not among the Worst Marketing Mistakes made in history

Most businesses come to us to complain that after they have run their social media ads, they end up getting only likes, comments, etc. That the likers/commenters end up not purchasing the product they loved and praised on social media.

So, after we have asked them some questions, we find out that they have a share of the common mistakes people make when they run social media advertisements.

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From our 6 years experience in running ads in Nigeria, we will be exposing some possible reasons why social media advertisement fail

1. Ad sales cost is not competitive enough.

This is one of the major mistakes businesses make. I will give an example. Let’s assume you are selling a particular brand of shoe for #5000 in Lagos and you make nationwide delivery to other states.

Now, you want to sell it to somebody in states like Kano, Kaduna, etc. If the potential customer there can actually get that shoe from a local store at that same 5000 naira. Nothing will compel him/her to purchase your product despite the fact that he liked the ad, commented on it and even showed some signs of buying.

As long the price at which you are selling is the same as the ones he can purchase at the local store in his neighborhood. Then, there is every likelihood that he’s not going to buy from you because your sales cost is not competitive enough.

He will end up buying it from within his / her locality.

2. Delivery Costs

This is a very big issue when it comes to social media advertisements. When clients bring their products for us to help them run ads.

The first question we ask is

if you hope to make deliveries within or outside your state, who pays for the delivery costs?”

Delivery cost is a major challenge in Nigeria today.  Most people or most customers are not ready to make an extra payment (delivery cost) when he or she knows that that product can be got within his/her own vicinity.

So if you want your social media advertisement to fetch you buying customers, then, you need to find a way to subtly cater for also the delivery costs. And you also need a competitive price.

Something that can compel your potential buyer to go ahead and purchase.


3. Timing:

This one is not just peculiar to social media ads, it’s also very relevant to anything you want to post on social media

From our 6 years of experience in running ads in Nigeria, we’ve observed three (3) peak hours for post engagements on social media.

In Nigeria, the first peak hour for you to run your ads is early in the morning, 6:30 AM to about 9:30 AM. At this time, a lot of people are active on social media. From our research, tests and observations, the second and best PEAK hour is from 11:00 AM to 1:00 pm and the ZENITH of this time range is around 12 noon to 1:00 pm.

Lastly, the last peak hour to make social media posts is in the evening.  From around 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

A quick check: There is every tendency that you are reading this post by these hours we just highlighted

Therefore, anything you want to post on social media in Nigeria. Try doing them by these hours, and you will see the difference.


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