Nova Frames

When interior decor matters, Zfrica Nova Frames stand tall in affordability and elegance. Proudly made in Nigeria by Zfrica. Join us we explore what makes these frames unique and exceptionally needful for almost anyone.

The Essence of Nova Frames

Our frames are more than mere interior decor—they’re a bridge between affordability and luxury. Our frames are versatile and suitable for various settings including churches, schools, homes, offices, and even as memorable gifts.

happy birthday frame
Happy Birthday Frame


Affordability for All

Understanding the importance of affordability without compromising on quality, Zfrica presents Nova Frames. Lightweight and economically friendly, these frames embody the belief that elegance should be accessible to everyone, offering a canvas to display your cherished memories.

Qualities that Define Nova Frames

Rimless :

Nova Frames boast of a modern rimless design (fisrt in Nigeria), allowing your memories to take center stage in a sleek and contemporary setting.


These frames are not just about aesthetics; they’re built to last. Their water-resistant feature ensures your memories remain safe and secure, enduring the test of time.

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Zfrica  Frames redefine the paradigm of elegance by making it accessible to all. They’re not just frames; they’re a promise that elegance need not be exorbitant.

Easy to Maintain:

Life happens, but Nova Frames simplify it. With an easy-wipe feature, maintaining these frames becomes a hassle-free experience.

The Perfect Fit for Every Space

zfrica Nova Frame Sizes
Nova Frame Sizes

Zfrica Nova Frames comes in three distinct standard sizes to cater to diverse needs:

Comfy Size (13″x 17″  or 33 cm x 43 cm): The comfy size is perfect for smaller spaces, providing a snug fit for your cherished moments.

Luxury Size (17″ x 23″  or 43 cm x 58 cm): A step up in size, this luxurious frame offers a touch more grandeur, ideal for showcasing memories in a more prominent manner.

Executive Size (20″ x 30″  or 51 cm x 76 cm): For those looking to make a bold statement, the executive size offers ample space to display memories with elegance and prominence.

Each size is crafted in two possible orientations—portrait and landscape—ensuring that your frame seamlessly fits into any space or setting.

Elegance Crafted from the Heart

I love you mom frame
I love you Mom frame

Beyond being frames, Zfrica Nova frames encapsulate heartfelt elegance. They’re a symbol of inclusivity, celebrating not just moments, but stories. These frames echo the belief that elegance can be simple, yet awe-inspiring.
Moreover, they symbolize a significant stride towards Nigeria’s economic shift from consumption to production, uplifting local production and fostering sustainable growth.

Where Dreams Find Their Frame

At Zfrica, our focus transcends conventional offerings. Our Frames are an embodiment of our commitment to infuse life with elegance. They symbolize the belief that simplicity can evoke wonder—an idea beautifully represented by our frames. Let your memories find their home in affordability, and elegance. Share in the beauty of Nova Frames today

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