Are customers always right

Are customers always right ? To respond to this, I will first quote Nigerian Comedian Lasisi Elenu.

Customers are always right, but they did not say, Customers should be stupid

Yes, Customers are always right, but NEVER allow your business to entertain or tolerate a difficult and toxic client. It’s detrimental to any business.

For those of us who are into graphics and designs, and who have read the 365 Do’s and Dont’s of Graphics Design by John Foster.
365 do's and dont's of garphics design


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Rule 363 says:

Thou shall not continue to work for a difficult client

…At best, they will refer you to other heinous and disrespectful clients.
At worst, you will be demoralized and produce bad work.

That being said. It’s important for you as the service provider to understand social and cultural behaviours of people. So you don’t keep picking offences where there is none.

Example,  from our experience, In Nigeria today, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo have different approaches to buying.

The Hausa seems to be the most straight forward. When he brings his design job, he tells you all he needs and patiently waits for it to be done. Once done, he thanks you and that’s all. No Shout!, No Much complain!

The Igbo man will bring his job as though he is helping your life. He will be like, I have brothers who can do this thing o. But I just want to give you the job. All he is looking for is how the price will reduce for him.

The Yoruba female will start the discussion with you as though you are already quarrelling. Eg. If you are done with her job and she is comfortable with it but wants you to change color red to blue.

Instead of simply typing . Please change the red to blue. NO!. She will send you a one minute voice note, and would sound as though you committed the worst offence by mankind.

So when you don’t understand these behavioural differences in people and culture, you will think some people are difficult, when they are not.

But if you truly come across the toxic and difficult ones. Be bold to tell him that your business doesn’t tolerate such erratic behaviour.

One of our terms of services at zfrica is

our communication representatives per time per media, reserve the right to withdraw from any uncivilized communication with a user or client.

If indeed your business is providing value to people. It ought to be  respected and you would be bold to write off what you do not tolerate.

In it all, Avoid TOXIC CUSTOMERS. And when you get the good ones, use these 12 steps to make them always come back

Are customers always right ?

You now know better.

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