Celebrity musician David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has released a new song that has been trending for quite some time now. The song titled “FEM” is Davidos’s latest song in the year 2020, and it has clearly illustrated the music superstar’s larger than life personality. It displays his attitude towards haters and bad blood and competition. The song is a single by him which the music video has just released a few weeks ago and has garnered an amazing number of views from fans all over the world.

The song is about Davido telling his haters, and competitors to shut up and stop talking bad about him, illustrating that no matter what happened that he was still above them no matter what happened. He clearly showed this in his music video where he engaged in many activities which I am assure only stars of his cadre could afford to do. The lyric “you no fit Para for me”, is a clear message to these people that they do not have the right to say nonsense about him. In addition, he actually tells his haters to get something doing and quit talking shit about other people.

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FEM is not an exceptional release, yet the message entrenched in the song sets it apart.

It is the usual way Davido likes his songs, blaring trumpets and drums ushering him in, in the song Davido does not waste time to address an uncertain figure, saying: “E be like you don dey talk too much/Small talk you don dey talk who talk”, clearly annoyed at said character.

The “baddest” ad-libs heard beneath makes it all the more memorable as he continues with his threats towards this uncertain man. The intensity of it gets all the stronger when he issues a warning “Just call me, you go know 30BG/you go know 30BG when you see 30BG.

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While the characteristic lover boy Davido persona is not present here, it’s clearly a diss track to another artist, as it seems Davido is fed up of staying silent over an unknown matter.

The issue here is if the song will last, will FEM will do well?  It is already gathering huge numbers of views and downloads and it has climbed its way up to the Number one spot on Apple Music already, but then, there are doubts over its prolonged longevity.

Will it stay long on our minds for long?

It is a diss track remember and diss tracks only serve a particular period of time. Once the shock value and euphoria with which FEM has right now fades especially with the music space always being saturated, will it still be Number one?

People think that it will last for some time because they believe that once the artist who was dissed on the track responds, it will create some sort of chain reaction entrenching FEM on our minds forever, so people are very positive about FEM’s success and are quite pleased with the song from the boss.

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