12 REASONS why you need a website

You may be wondering. Do I really need a website? Well, the answer is a BIG YES. You should get a unique website for yourself or your business if you want it to grow in this 21st Century. Here are 12 reasons, why you need a website

1.  24/7 Online Presence

Customers can always find you/your business anytime, anywhere even outside business hours.

2. Trust and Credibility

Research shows that 90% of clients are more likely to patronize a business if they can find it online.

3.  Online Sales

Customers can make orders and pay online through your website.

4. Market Expansion

More people  all over the world will get to see your business

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5. More Sales

Because more people will see your business, you will get more sales too

6. Not as expensive as you think

Business owners often think that getting a professional website is too expensive to afford. Well, some website design-cost can run into millions especially if it is a government project. But as a startup business owner, you can get a professional website design for as low as #20,000

7.  Make Additional Money

Once your site starts getting enough traffic, other businesses can pay you to advertise on your site. Just like you can see on our own site

8. Respect and Professionalism

Imagine the respect your business earns when your friends find your business and products on the google

9. Online Customer Service

You can chat up with your customers who visit your site. Good online customer support is one of the surest ways to make your customers always come back

10. Brand Name

This is one of the amazing reasons why you need a website. Although it may take some time to build but once built, people will know your business just as they know Jumia and Konga

11. Easy Referrals

Referral is one of the most effective ways to get more customers. Customers can easily direct/refer their friends to you, through your website

12. Easy to Update

You can easily update your website with new products and information

13. Easy to run social media advertisement

With a website, It’s easier and cheaper to run paid adverts on Facebook etc.

Now that you have seen some cogent reasons why you should get an affordable website today.  Check out the different kinds of websites, you can get, with their features and cost implication

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