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To register a Public Limited company (PLC) with CAC in Nigeria, the following requirements are needed. Note: With these requirements, we can assist you to register your PLC Company with CAC in Nigeria, within 7 days.

However, if you choose to get it done elsewhere, be mindful of these common mistakes made by company owners when registering their company.


1) Two Proposed Company names

One main name and one alternative name. This is usually the first prerequisite, as it is needed first, for the name search. Once the company name is approved, these other details can follow.
NOTE In reading  this, whenever Details of a person is mentioned, it includes the following

  • Surname,
  • First name,
  • other names,
  • Phone number,
  • Email,
  • Gender,
  • Occupation,
  • Residential Address (Country, State, Lga, City/Town, House Number, Street Name),
  • Work Address (Country, State, Lga, City/Town, House Number, Street Name),
  • Scanned Copy of ID card]



The company details include the following

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  • Email Address (any active email is allowed)
  • Company Phone Number
  • Registered Company  Address (State, LGA, CITY/TOWN, House or Building number, Street Name)
  • Branch address if any


These are simply lines of statements stating the objectives of the company. It can be found in the companies Memorandum of Association  M.O.A

4) Details of at least one witness

At least one witness to the existence of the business is needed. The witness can be any individual from 18yrs and above,  chosen by the directors. Anyone who can stand and testify in case of a legal tussle in future. These details are listed in the note above

5) Article of association

This is where the company defines all terms and regulations that will guide the business. Companies that don’t yet have a concise “Article of association”, can ask the agent handling his/her company registration to use the default article of registration written by CAC. You can also hire one of our expert writers to write it for your company. The document is written in different parts and sections like this below.

cac article of association

6) Directors Details

For a Public Limited Company, at least one director is mandated and a maximum of about 50 directors. Refer to note above for the director details required

7) Secretary Details

This is compulsory for the registration of PLC companies. Refer to note above

10) Person with significant control PSC Details (OPTIONAL)

PSC is optional.  It is an option that incorporates any other person who is not among the Directors but can control the affairs of the business. Such persons can make appointments, suspend individuals etc. The level of authority assigned to this individual would is decided by the directors during the registration process.

11) Cost

The cost of registering a Public Limited Company (PLC) in 2024 ranges from #50,000 to #70,000. It depends on which agent is handling the registration. With us, it costs only #50,000 from start to finish (This can be paid in instalments).

As an accredited CAC agent, we can assist you in getting your company duly registered. However, if you choose to get it done elsewhere, be mindful of these common mistakes made by company owners when registering their company.

Now you know what is involved. You can also, check out the requirements needed to register a —Business Name, or —Private Limited Company (Ltd), or —NGOs and Churches or even get a professional website for your company

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