Requirements to Register Business Name with CAC Nigeria

To register a Business Name with CAC in Nigeria, the following requirements are needed

With these requirements, we can assist you to register your Business Name with CAC within 5 days.

Requirements to Register Business Name with CAC in Nigeria

  • Two proposed business names
  • A valid email address
  • Valid means of identification (Voters Card, Intl Passport, Drivers License, NIN, etc.)
  • A passport photograph
  • Your business details, e.g., Name, Address etc.
  • Biodata e.g. Name, D.O.B, State, etc.
  • Your signature signed on a plain paper


The cost of registering a Business name in 2024 ranges from  ₦21,000 to  ₦30,000. It depends on which agent is handling the registration. With us, it costs only  ₦22,000 from start to finish. (This can be paid in instalments).

As CAC accredited agent, We can assist you in getting your Business name duly registered with CAC. However, if you choose to get it done elsewhere, be mindful of these common mistakes made by business owners when registering their business.


  • You get your certificate within 5 days
  • No need to wait for months
  • We give you update at every stage of the process
  • No extra charge, No hidden charge
  • You pay in parts
  • is a trusted site in Nigeria, helping businesses grow.

Now you have known the requirements needed for Business Name registration.

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You can also check out the requirements needed to register a Private Limited Company (Ltd), or Public Limited Company. or NGO/Church or even get an affordable  website for your Business Name

What More?

We receive a lot of questions asking if SMEDAN certificate can suffice CAC Business Certificate, since both are issued by recognized bodies in Nigeria.

The simple answer is NO! SMEDAN certificates cannot replace CAC Business Certificates. CAC certification legally registers a business in Nigeria, while SMEDAN certificate is primarily necessary for securing government grants and loans offered to SME’s.

However, one can actually obtain both certificates. Therefore we have also detailed How To Register And Get Your SMEDAN Certificate

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