When interior decor matters, Zfrica Nova Frames stand tall in affordability and elegance. Proudly made in Nigeria by Zfrica. Join us we explore what makes Nova frames unique and exceptionally needful for almost anyone.Read More →

CAC annual returns

When you fail to file your annual returns, any or a combination of these below could happen to you or your business. Business Name Deactivation:

When you miss filing your CAC annual returns, CAC might deactivate your business name. This deactivation can hinder your business’s visibility and credibility, impacting potential customers’ trust in your brand.Read More →

Are customers always right

Yes, Customers are always right, but NEVER allow your business to entertain or tolerate a difficult and toxic client. It’s detrimental to any business.Read More →


The correct spelling is zfrica and not zafrica. Most persons mispell or misponounce our brand name. The common mistakes made by  most of our esteemed clients makes about our name include  zafrica, z africa, z-frica, z frica.Read More →